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Ben R. Jordan

Senior Director, Environmental Policy

The Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Endorsement


The Coca-Cola Company‭ (‬TCCC‭) ‬are pleased to acknowledge that supply partners can align themselves to The Coca-Cola Company’s sustainability targets by participating in the VIVE Program‭.‬


The Coca-Cola Company recognizes a number of sustainability certification standards and schemes‭, ‬notably Bonsucro and SAI Platform’s FSA‭. ‬We realize that these schemes have not taken hold in all geographies‭, ‬and may not be a viable option for a number of reasons‭. ‬


We increasingly recognize the benefits of suppliers participating within the VIVE Program as an alternative‭. ‬We applaud VIVE’s continuous improvement approach and commercial leverage‭, ‬which is accelerating change across supply chains‭.‬


Because you have designed the VIVE Claim Level to encompass all minimum entry requirements of our Supplier Guiding Principles‭ (‬SGP‭), ‬Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles‭ (‬SAGP‭), ‬Bonsucro Core Principles and SAI Platform’s FSA Bronze‭, ‬we will consider any sugar which achieves the VIVE Claim Level‭ (‬when adequately documented as such‭) ‬as meeting our‭ ‬sustainability requirements‭.‬


The Coca-Cola Company encourages its suppliers across Africa‭, ‬Middle-East and Asia to consider the VIVE Program as a viable compliance pathway‭.‬


We appreciate the innovation that you are showing to bring solutions to our business needs in the area of Sustainability and look forward to working with you to accelerate progress on our journey‭.‬

Moacir Meneguetti

Commercial Director

Usina Santa Terezinha

Usina Santa Terezinha


Santa Terezinha’s Tapejara, Terra Rica, Paranacity mills and supplying farms have been participating within the VIVE Programme since April 2016.


The decision to participate in VIVE was made in recognition of its focus upon continuous improvement, with Santa Terezinha looking to differentiate themselves through their sustainable endeavours.


Since joining the programme, Santa Terezinha have embraced this concept of continuous improvement, improving their farm and facility scores year-on-year across all participating sites. Guided by VIVE’s bespoke improvement planning, they have implemented several changes across their business, including; the development of a soil protection plan, the installation of additional fire alarms and implementing a water pollution monitoring system.


These improvements have enabled Santa Terezinha to achieve an average score of 87% at the facility and 91% at the farm level in their most recent VIVE assessments and subsequently generating significant interest in their sustainable raw sugar from refiners across the world.

Karel Valken

Global Head Trade & Commodity Finance Agri




We are delighted to advise that Rabobank has maintained a global partnership with Czarnikow for over a decade. During this time the relationship has developed beyond  a conventional banking arrangement to a unique global partnership.


We hold Czarnikow’s ability to position themselves as a creative “tradeflow partner” (in addition to their role as merchant) in extremely high regard.


Furthermore, we consider Czarnikow to be an organization of impeccable integrity that operates very professional teams present in both origin & destination which allows Czarnikow to add meaningful value to both buyers/sellers but also to other stakeholders such as banks and investors.


The world of trading continues to change dramatically as the transparency of price discovery is a challenge for margin creation.


Czarnikow’s ability to create and adapt deep partnerships with organizations such as Rabobank and most importantly be genuine on sustainability issues such as VIVE is testament to how Czarnikow are positioning to create tomorrow’s margin!


Rabobank is proud to be a bank and trade flow partner of Czarnikow!

Ahmad Farid

Head of Marketing & Raw Sugar Procurement

Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd

Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd


Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSRSB) are committed to building a sustainable business that impacts the world and community in a positive way every day. As a company, CSRSB want to create growth that they can be proud of and make the right decisions that ensures a better tomorrow.


CSRSB’s approach to sustainability is guided by VIVE which is a voluntary continuous improvement sustainability programme for sugar supply chains, focused on driving continuous improvement in sustainability performance in our business.


Re-enforcing CSRSB’s commitment to drive continuous improvement across the business, CSRSB is participating within VIVE’s Excellence Level. Moreover, looking to meet end-users sustainability requirements, CSRSB have recently secured supply of VIVE Claim Level raw sugar.


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Global change platform for sugarcane

November 2017



VIVE and Bonsucro are working together with the shared vision of delivering their complementary sustainability services in an efficient and enhanced way to all supply chain stakeholders.


To this end, subject to approved (re) benchmarking by Bonsucro, both parties will look to enable Bonsucro Certification through the VIVE umbrella programme in the near future.


Through this, we will leverage a commercially-driven, continuous improvement programme, specialist sustainability know-how and a consensus-built industry certification standard system.


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