Buyers Supporting VIVE


Buyers Supporting VIVE is a membership, open to companies that are committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients.



Buyers Supporting VIVE has been developed to assist buyers in pro-actively engaging their supply chains to enhance their sustainable journey.



Buyers Supporting VIVE membership is free and simple to join. Apply online here.

Membership Benefits

Demonstrate support of continuous improvement across the supply chain

Encourage suppliers to participate within VIVE‭, ‬a globally recognised continuous improvement programme

Access to a growing global network of sustainable supply options

VIVE provides cost effective choices for the procurement of ingredients

Achieve complete supply chain transparency

Buyers purchasing VIVE products will have access to supply chain traceability‭, ‬enhancing your brand protection

Evidence commitment to sustainability

Buyers published acceptance of VIVE as an accepted source of sustainable ingredients‭.‬

Buyers company logo will appear on the Buyers Supporting VIVE website page

Buyers Supporting VIVE will be provided with a certificate of membership

Membership Requirements

Who can become a Buyer Supporting VIVE‭?‬

Membership is open to those companies committed to procuring sustainable products‭. ‬‘Buyers’‭ ‬will typically be businesses involved in‭ ‬
the manufacture and sale of packaged goods to end consumers‭. ‬


Acceptance of VIVE as a source of sustainable ingredients

Buyers are required to confirm their recognition of VIVE as an accepted source of sustainable ingredients on their Certificate of Membership


Use of Buyers logo on agreed materials‭

Buyers agree to provide their logo and permit these to be displayed on their Certificate of Membership and on the Buyers Supporting VIVE web page


Uphold the values and standards of the VIVE Programme

Buyers should seek to develop relationships with their own supply chains consistent with the Buyers Supporting‭ ‬VIVE Code of Conduct

Become a Buyer Supporting VIVE

To apply‭, ‬applicants should complete and submit the online application form:


By submitting an application form‭, ‬applicants agree to VIVE’s‭ ‬Privacy Policy‭ ‬and to uphold the values of the Buyers Supporting‭ VIVE Code of Conduct‭.

All successful applicants will receive a Buyers Supporting VIVE‭ Certificate of Membership‭


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