6 March 2019

Smartcane BMP and the VIVE Programme work together to drive continuous improvement throughout the sugar supply chain.

Smartcane BMP and the VIVE Programme work together to drive continuous improvement throughout the sugar supply chain.

In October 2018 Smartcane BMP and VIVE agreed to explore whether aligning the two programmes could relieve the administrative pressures of achieving compliance to multiple sustainability standards, whilst at the same time offering a unique product to market harnessing the strengths of the respective schemes.

To test the concept Kruger, Swart & Associates (SKA) were commissioned to carry out an independent review of alignment between the two programme’s purpose, scope and tools for assessment. The resulting benchmark demonstrated the opportunity to combine the Smartcane’s programme evidence at farm level with the VIVE Programme’s upstream modules to increase assurance throughout the supply chain.

A spokesman for SKA commented: “Smartcane BMP and VIVE systems share a common purpose which focuses on the implementation of practices to improve sustainable development for people, planet and profit across the sugar sector. This similarity in focus has led to the development of systems which show high levels of alignment”

CANEGROWERS CEO, Dan Galligan, said “VIVE’s work with mills, refiners, shippers and tradehouses opens the door to extending the farm level success of the Smartcane BMP across the entire supply chain. This partnership is an exciting development for both VIVE and Smartcane BMP as we look to increase the supply of sustainable sugars to meet global end-user demand.”

Nick Wainwright, Director, Czarnikow Singapore added “this collaboration recognises the value of alignment between the two programmes and our shared ambition to reduce audit burden and drive continuous improvement in the areas of people, planet and profit. VIVE’s international reach will create improved market access for Smartcane BMP raw sugar exported from Queensland, helping to contribute to the success of the individual growers participating within the Smartcane BMP initiative.”

Building upon this, Smartcane BMP and VIVE will continue to work closely together to drive further alignment between the two programmes. We expect this on-going collaboration to create further efficiencies and commercial opportunities for a range of supply chain participants.

About Smartcane BMP and VIVE:


The Smartcane BMP is an industry-led, voluntary system available to all sugarcane growers across the state of Queensland, Australia. Smartcane BMP was developed with funding from the Queensland Government and was launched in 2013 to assist growers to document, benchmark and continuously improve their on-farm practices for productivity, profitability and stewardship. The program is run by CANEGROWERS Australia, a grower-owned organisation supporting and promoting Australian sugarcane growers. Growers have the option to do a self-assessment against the Smartcane Standards or to request an independent assessment.

VIVE is a voluntary continuous improvement sustainability programme for sugarcane and sugar beet supply chains. The programme consists of five modules that, in combination, cover all operations and activities for producers through to end users that have a bearing on sustainability. The VIVE programme marries over 20 years of sustainability expertise from Intellync with established trade and supply chain prowess from Czarnikow .This, in turn, is a partnership offering continuous improvement and commercial advantage from being physically involved in the complete supply chain process.

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