17 May 2019

Accelerating global sustainable supply coverage through VIVE Claim.

Accelerating global sustainable supply coverage through VIVE Claim.

The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) set a goal to sustainably source its fourteen global priority ingredients by working with suppliers and partners to help farmers of key ingredients become more productive, more responsible and more sustainable. TCCC’s Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles (SAGP) set the backdrop for evaluating supplier performance based on continuous performance, recognizing the wide differences of farm development in its supply chain.

TCCC has been working with the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme (VIVE) as a sustainability standard for cane sugar since 2015. VIVE Claim Level meets the entry requirements of our Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles (SAGP). Thus, we will consider any sugar which achieves the VIVE Claim Level (when adequately documented as such) as meeting our sustainable sourcing requirements. TCCC considers VIVE one of its top tier partners, alongside Bonsucro, SAI Platform’s FSA, Smartcane BMP and others, to advance continuous improvement in sustainable agriculture.


TCCC recognises that by including the continuous improvement approach of VIVE, TCCC can give greater choice and clarity to current and future sugar producers and processors wishing to improve their sustainability credentials and TCCC’s Sustainable Agricultural Guiding Principles (SAGP) requirements. This supports and accelerates TCCC’s progress towards its ambitious 2020 Sustainability Goal of using 100% sustainability-sourced sugar beet and cane.


“Improving farm community livelihoods, productivity and sustainability is at the heart of our sustainable agriculture goal. VIVE Claim Level Sugar complements other sustainable sugar standards and schemes and moves us ever closer towards global sustainable coverage,” said Ulrike Sapiro, TCCC’s Senior Director, Water Stewardship & Sustainable Agriculture.

“Since 2015, we have been impressed by VIVE’s commitment to continuous improvement across its supplier network, and its commercial and relationship-led approach to developing sustainable sugar volumes for our global operations. By working closely with our top-tier sustainability partners to increase choice for our suppliers, we are making progress on our long-term goal to sustain system-wide transformation to sustainable sourcing of agricultural ingredients.”

Note: The VIVE Programme has been developed through a global agreement between Czarnikow Group Limited (CGL) and Intelllync. It combines Intellync’s experience in developing and delivering sustainable agricultural commodity programmes with CGL’s extensive commercial knowledge and strategic relationships within the sugar sector. For more information: https://www.vivesugar.com/

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