26 June 2019

The VIVE Programme successfully benchmarked against SAI Platform's FSA Tool.

The VIVE Programme successfully benchmarked against SAI Platform's FSA Tool.

In collaboration with SAI Platform, VIVE has carried out a successful benchmark of its Farm module against SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Tool. As a result, a VIVE participant can achieve one of the FSA’s three performance levels (Gold, Silver or Bronze), enabling products verified by the VIVE Programme to contribute to SAI Platform members’ sustainable sourcing targets.


VIVE participants that achieve The VIVE Claim Award, covering all of the key requirements of Sustainability, are able to meet FSA Silver or Bronze equivalents dependent on their scored results. Whilst participants that achieve The VIVE Excellence Award, demonstrating advanced levels of Sustainability, are able to meet FSA Gold equivalence.


“We commend the VIVE Programme on its successful benchmark with SAI Platform’s FSA” said Joe Rushton, FSA Programme Manager at SAI Platform. “We hope to see the VIVE Programme assist producers in varying geographies to achieve compliance with one of the FSA’s performance levels.”

William Rook, Global Director of Refined Sugar & Ingredients at Czarnikow added, “with VIVE’s complete supply chain coverage and international reach, this benchmark will enable us to extend the farm level success of SAI Platform’s FSA and increase the supply of sustainable product delivered to global end-users.”


Note to Editors


VIVE is a voluntary continuous improvement sustainability programme for ingredient supply chains. The programme consists of five modules that, in combination, cover all operations and activities for producers through to end users that have a bearing on sustainability. The VIVE programme marries over 20 years of sustainability expertise from Intellync with established trade and supply chain prowess from Czarnikow. This, in turn, is a partnership offering continuous improvement and commercial advantage from being physically involved in the complete supply chain process.

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