30 July 2019

CSRSB’s second refinery joins the VIVE Programme.

CSRSB’s second refinery joins the VIVE Programme.

Following CSRSB’s success in achieving the VIVE Claim Level at their Kuala Lumpur refinery in 2018, CSRSB have extended the scope of their participation to include their GPT refinery.


Located in a rural township in in the State of Kedah, Malaysia the GPT refinery will participate within step 2 of the VIVE Programme for 3 years. CSRSB will look to replicate those practices implemented in Kuala Lumpur and, in turn provide a sustainable sugar supply-base for Malaysia’s northern states.


We commend CSRSB’s commitment to driving continuous improvement across their operations and look forward assisting them throughout both the assessment process and in the commercialisation of their sustainable sugars.

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