18 October 2019

VIVE Cross-Functional Sustainability Workshop.

VIVE Cross-Functional Sustainability Workshop.

This week Ben French and Tan Yong Zhi (YZ) from Czarnikow Singapore office travelled to Indonesia to start a three-day VIVE Participant Roadshow, hosted by PT Sugar Labinta and PT Kebun Tebu Mas.


The purpose of VIVE onsite internal workshop is to increase interaction and collaboration among team members representing different functional departments. We aim to encourage teams to exchange information and work together cooperatively to grow sustainability awareness, transparency and commercial advantage.


With over 200 people attending the workshops from PT Sugar Labinta, PT Kebun Tebu Mas, Coca-Cola Indonesia and BRI Bank, we were able to cover a wider range of sustainability subjects.


Day 1 - PT Sugar Labinta Refinery, Bandar Lampung



Ben and YZ were with the PT Sugar Labinta refinery team in Bandar Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia.


PT. Sugar Labinta is one of the leading sugar refineries in Indonesia and is a significant supplier to the top tier industrial consumers, with a reputation for high-quality products, customer service and ethical standards.


The Bandar Lampung refinery was assessed against the VIVE Programme Facility Module in March 2019. Participating within Step 3 of the programme, the refinery performed well across VIVE’s Pillars – Governance, Companies Facilities, People, Environment, Traceability and Transport, enabling them to achieve the VIVE Claim Level.


The day started with a visit to Panjang Port to witness the final day of discharge for 50,000MT of Thai raw sugar supplied by Czarnikow. After which, the team headed to the refinery for a workshop with fifty members of the refinery team, which ranged from the Head of Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, Quality Control and even the Head of Security.


The workshop was divided into two sessions of three hours each. We discussed key themes and potential risks in sugar supply chains, PT Sugar Labinta's VIVE Assessment results, and how the VIVE programme can create a commercial advantage.


The workshop was a great success and the refinery team engaged with questions on all aspects of sustainability, sugar and the VIVE Programme.


To close the day, Ben and YZ presented the VIVE Claim Level award to the refineries Technical Director.


Day 2 – PT Sugar Labinta Head Office, Jakarta



Ben and YZ travelled from Lampung to Jakarta, where the head office and commercial teams for PT Sugar Labinta are based.


The day was again split into two separate workshops, with over 120 attendees combined. The VIVE team were also honoured to have Coca Cola Indonesia and BRI Bank attend these sessions (PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk is one of the largest banks in Indonesia)


The workshops on day 2 were very focused on the commercial opportunities that VIVE can deliver and how continuous sustainability improvement can increase profits by generating savings, driving growth, and reducing risk.


There was an interesting session discussing Green Funding in supply chains and an exciting forum on a new project in Indonesia, which we will hope to bring more news on as it develops.


The day finished with an engaging Case Study upon Central Sugar Refinery, Malaysia and their implementation of the VIVE Programme across two of their refineries and how they have successfully gained support with local industrial buyers.


Day 3 – PT Kebun Tebu Mas Refinery, Surabaya



Ben and YZ travelled to Surabaya to meet with the team at PT Kebun Tebu Mas Refinery. Much like PT Sugar Labinta, they are a significant supplier to the industrial sector and achieved VIVE Claim Level in August this year.


The VIVE Claim Award encourages participants to go above and beyond in their Sustainability Journey, opening up commercial opportunities through demonstration of their achievements. The VIVE Claim Level has been benchmarked to The Coca Cola Company’s Sustainable Agricultural Guiding Principles (SAGP), Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP) and SAI Bronze Level.


The Refinery has a large training centre, so the workshop was conducted in the morning with over 60 employees attending.


Amongst many other topics, the workshop covered key themes in sustainability, some updates on raw sugar flows and where we are developing upstream VIVE raw sugar origination in Thailand.


Ben also spent some time highlighting where the Refinery had performed well in their assessment, with specific attention to the VIVE People and Environment Pillars, which were the highest scoring.


The refinery team were great hosts, interactive and seemed to be very excited by the future collaboration, which is certainly reciprocated from our side.


The session closed with the awarding of VIVE Claim Level and a feast of exceptional local Indonesia food from the refinery cafeteria.


We would like to thank all of the teams at PT Sugar Labinta and PT Kebun Tebu Mas for their generous hospitality, their time and their continued commitment to the VIVE programme.


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