24 October 2019

Santa Terezinha – Leading the way in Brazil.

Santa Terezinha – Leading the way in Brazil.

Santa Terezinha, one of the largest sugar producers in Brazil and the biggest producer in Paraná State, has once again achieved the VIVE Claim Level across all of its facilities participating in VIVE.


Looking to differentiate their operations and products through sustainable endeavour, Santa Terezinha’s Tapejara, Terra Rica, Paranacity mills and supplying farms have participated within the VIVE Programme since April 2016.


Having achieved the VIVE Claim Level at the first time of asking, Santa Terezinha have embraced the concept of continuous improvement, increasing their farm and facility scores year-on-year across all participating sites.


Harvest at Tapejara's supplying farms


In their 2018 assessment, Santa Terezinha’s three participating mills reached the VIVE Claim Level once again, achieving an average score of 94% at the facility level and 89% at the farm level. Particularly impressive results were achieved in the Company Facilities, Crop and Traceability pillars.


Driving improvement across their business, Santa Terezinha have made a number of changes including; the development of a new soil protection plan and the implementation of an improved agrochemical reduction plan and water pollution monitoring system.


Terra Rica Facility


Commenting upon this success, Moacir Meneguetti, Commercial Director of Santa Terezinha said, “We partnered with the VIVE Programme in recognition of its ability to drive continuous improvement and deliver tangible commercial value to our business.


Implementing best practices, we have already made a number of significant changes across our participating mills and farms, creating environmental, social and economic benefits both globally and, importantly, for the local communities that live alongside and are employed by us.


The benefits of our participation have not stopped here. VIVE’s international reach has also helped us to establish meaningful relationships with off-takers of sustainable raw sugar across the globe.”


Exporting 100% of their production, Santa Terezinha have firmly established themselves as a leading supplier of sustainable raw sugar to the world’s standalone refineries. Moreover, with their significant scale and impressive performance within VIVE to-date, their continued journey within VIVE promises to be a fruitful one.

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