13 December 2019

VIVE 25: Impact Agreement

VIVE 25: Impact Agreement

The VIVE Programme and Central Sugars Refinery Malaysia have entered into a VIVE 25 Impact Agreement.


Central Sugars Refinery Malaysia will commit to sourcing at least 50% of their annual raw sugar requirements for their two refineries from VIVE claim level producers by 2025.


Based on Central Sugars Refinery operating at full capacity across their two sites, the target volume could be as much as 400,000 metric tonnes of VIVE claim level sugar per year.


Through this commitment Central Sugars Refinery is setting industry standards and making an impact!


VIVE 25 is an inclusive initiative launched by the VIVE Programme that seeks to foster relationships and benefit supply chain participants both upstream and downstream. Setting ambitious sustainable sourcing commitments with participants ahead of 2025, VIVE 25 will drive both the production of VIVE claim level raw sugar and the availability of VIVE claim level refined sugar.



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