28 January 2020

VIVE 2.0 Sustainable Supply Programme Launch

VIVE 2.0 Sustainable Supply Programme Launch

We are pleased to announce that version 2.0 of VIVE has been created and will be distributed to participants in January 2020.


With the introduction of VIVE version of 2.0 we have focused on broadening the scope of the programme to include the sustainability of agricultural supply chains irrespective of crop or ingredient, as opposed to the previous focus on only sugar production. This approach will allow VIVE industrial buyers and retail clients to directly benchmark and compare the sustainability of differing ingredients under a single umbrella programme. This approach will bring efficiencies and transparency to ethical business reporting for buyers of VIVE ingredients.


We have been careful not to change all elements of the programme, however, we have amended the criteria of VIVE to make it easier to interpret for implementation and assessment. Additionally, we have focused on providing a balance of quantitative and qualitative indicators for performance reporting in VIVE 2.0 to match the growing needs for evidence of metrics when reporting performance against recognised global targets such as The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The inclusion of this additional information will enable benchmarking between peers as well as demonstrating year on year improvements through tangible key performance indicators. We want to maximise the value of participation within VIVE by updating our reporting platform to allow for data and insight dashboards. These changes will support our aim to drive continuous improvement without limiting responses to qualitative only reporting.


Through feedback from VIVE participants, we understand the workload associated with a VIVE assessment, especially in the first years of implementation. Within the VIVE guidance, indicators which are associated with claim level are now clearly identified for participants to focus on these core performance indicators. Furthermore, we have streamlined the overall VIVE 2.0 programme content to improve the key focus during assessments and the subsequent implementation of continuous improvements. In all, approximately 30% of VIVE 1.2 indicators have been amended, removed or consolidated into other criteria. Importantly, this will not affect any of VIVE’s existing clients and industry benchmarks or the ability to compare relative performance between VIVE 1.2 and VIVE 2.0.


Commenting upon VIVE Version 2.0, Cavan Gardner, International Assessor Team Lead said, “The VIVE team and I at Intellync Sustain (previously AB Sustain) look forward greatly to this next evolutionary step for the VIVE programme. The changes were necessary for the programme to remain current and to add further value to our participants. As a team, we will continue to collect feedback from all involved parties as we strive for improvements in our processes and systems.”

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