28 February 2020

Gathering Momentum for Change

Gathering Momentum for Change

Building an end-to-end sustainable supply chain can be challenging and takes strong leadership and commitment from all stakeholders involved, from Farm, though to End-user.


The VIVE programme has been designed to help solve these challenges and also connect the supply of sustainable products with demand. The programme helps participants meet global standards for sustainable supply chains and can provide quantifiable data on sustainability improvements against the United Nations Development Programme, Sustainable Development Goals.


VIVE is comprehensive, yet efficient, intending to deliver significant volumes of sustainable agricultural products to food & beverage manufacturers, in a cost and time effective manner, while following responsible practices. The focus is not just upon improving sustainable performance across the supply chain but also using VIVE to create tangible and fair commercial value for all stakeholders.


It is based on this methodology that VIVE participants can gather momentum, grow their VIVE footprint and make real sustainable improvements;


In our recent news story The Decade to Deliver we announced that Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation’s (KTIS) Kaset Thai Sugar Mill and Central Sugars Refinery’s Padang Terap Refinery (CSRPT) both achieved VIVE Claim Level in their first year of participation in the programme.


Now, further to this achievement, we are delighted to report that CSRPT has received a cargo of 22,000 metric tonnes of KTIS VIVE Claim Level raw sugar, shipped from Thailand to Malaysia during February 2020.


This is a significant moment for both participants, as a great deal of effort and time has been allocated to achieving VIVE Claim level and structuring their continuous improvement plans, and we hope this is the first of many transactions of sustainable sugar between them.



The VIVE programme promotes participant collaboration, intending to build long-term commercial relationships between producers, processors and industrial users for the trade of sustainable agricultural products at fair value.


It is, for this reason, we invite participants to set targets. For example, VIVE 25 is an inclusive initiative launched by the VIVE Programme that seeks to foster relationships and benefits supply chain participants both upstream and downstream. Setting ambitious sustainable sourcing commitments with participants ahead of 2025, VIVE 25 will drive both the production of VIVE claim level raw sugar and the availability of VIVE claim level refined sugar.


Both Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation’s and Central Sugars Refinery’s Padang Terap Refinery are open for sustainable supply! If you would like to discuss the purchase of VIVE sugar in Malaysia, Thailand or for export, then please do get in touch or sign-up to the Buyer’s Supporting VIVE  platform, it is free!

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