30 April 2020

During this uncertain situation, change is the only constant

During this uncertain situation, change is the only constant

The year 2020 has certainly presented challenges, however, PT Kebun Tebu Mas have demonstrated their resilience and ability to adapt to change. Last year PT Kebun Tebu Mas achieved VIVE Claim Level and they will be receiving their first shipment of VIVE Claim Level raw sugar from Kaset Thai Sugar Mill in Thailand in a few days’ time.


Below is a quote from Patricia Boedidarmo, Business Development at PT Kebun Tebu Mas (KTM).


Kebun Tebu Mas (KTM) are committed to making constant improvements, specifically in efficiency and sustainability within our sugar supply chains. Together with VIVE, we are committing to drive change.  In Aug 2019, PT KTM refinery and milling were verified as VIVE Claim Level approved facilities.

Now, this April, we are pleased to announce the arrival of VIVE’s first sustainable sugar in Indonesia, with KTM receiving cargoes of VIVE Claim Level raw sugar from Thailand.


Thus far, we have received great enthusiasm from both multinationals and domestic customers on supporting this programme and our commitment to drive sustainable change.


PT. KTM do not only believe in building long term partnerships with customers but also creating a sustainable future for generations to come.


Several on-going sustainable projects have been executed in our facilities, and we are continually exploring new ways to improve. One to mention is by implementing chemical management with waste-water treatment facilities and our approach in minimizing the usage of chemical consumption (for production) with the help of innovative green technology.


As an attempt to contribute to sustainable development and reduce climate change, PT. KTM also aim to be the platform for innovation while also achieving better growth for our business and our stakeholders, by accelerating efficiency and innovation programs through sustainable initiatives


Our goal is to play our part as a conscious consumer so that our future generations will not be impacted by compromised resources.


We look forward to future partnerships in creating continuous sustainable improvements, and this is just the first to many shipments of VIVE sustainable sugar.



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