1 July 2020

Intellync, the name change of AB Sustain

Intellync, the name change of AB Sustain

The VIVE programme’s 50% stakeholder, alongside Czarnikow, has their changed their name from AB Sustain to Intellync. Intellync (still an AB Agri company) is an agricultural data and technology platform that delivers in-depth, intuitive and insightful solutions to challenges to sustainable agriculture. Intellync possess 20 years of experience, covering over 5 million farms


With experience in 65 countries worldwide and in over 15 different industries Intellync offers a unique servicing. They provide valuable solutions for their customers spanning the entire value chain, from farmers to retailers. A combination of extensive supply-chain expertise, corporate partners and connections allow Intellync to drive and deliver necessary change and innovation in agriculture.


The partnership that is formed between Czarnikow and Intellync is what allows the VIVE programme to offer unique continuous improvement whilst also adding a commercial advantage for out participants. Intellync provide the onsite, data-driven side of the VIVE programme that allows for our participants to map their sustainable improvement and display the real impact they make in their sustainable journey.

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