24 August 2020

Coca-Cola AMATIL becomes a Buyer Supporting VIVE

Coca-Cola AMATIL becomes a Buyer Supporting VIVE

The VIVE Programme is pleased to announce that Coca Cola AMATIL has signed up to Buyers Supporting VIVE. Operating in six countries, Coca-Cola AMATIL is one of the biggest non-alcoholic bottlers in the Asia-Pacific and one of the world’s five major Coca-Cola bottlers.


Buyers Supporting VIVE is a platform for companies that are committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients, and has been developed to assist buyers to pro-actively engage their supply chains and enhance their sustainable journey.


By becoming a Buyer Supporting VIVE, companies are publicly demonstrating their commitment and support for sustainable development. Such support greatly encourages further supply chain participation in VIVE and increases the volumes of VIVE sugar available to our buyers globally. Commitment from all organisations involved in supply chains is paramount to encourage continuous sustainable improvements end to end across supply chains. Furthermore, organisations can access a growing network of sustainable supply options and further increase their supply chain transparency, driving both sustainable change and commercial advantage.


The VIVE team look forward to working alongside Coca-Cola AMATIL continuing  their sustainability journey!

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