15 March 2021

Khonburi Sugar Company Ltd (KBS) Achieves VIVE Claim Level in 2020

Khonburi Sugar Company Ltd (KBS) Achieves VIVE Claim Level in 2020

The VIVE Programme congratulates Khonburi Sugar Company Ltd (KBS)  for achieving VIVE Claim Level in their 2020 VIVE sustainability assessment. KBS joined VIVE in 2019 and through embracing continuous improvement and providing exemplary responses to the VIVE remediation process, they have reached VIVE Claim Level this year.


Khonburi Sugar Public Company Ltd is one of the leading sugar manufacturers and distributors in Thailand with a significant experience in the industry for over 40 years. Their products include high quality raw sugar, white sugar, refined sugar, molasses and more, tailored to serve emerging consumer trends and demands in the World. KBS joined VIVE with an endeavour to further their sustainability journey and to help align themselves with their mission to conduct their business with adherence to good corporate governance principals, ethics and responsibility. They aim to work with farmers, millers, traders, buyers, encouraging all organisations to act in a more responsible manner. 


The Khonburi Sugar Mill was assessed against the VIVE Programme’s Farm and Facility Module in October 2020. The mill performed exceptionally well across both modules, where there are Pillars covering People, Environment, Traceability and Transport. The mill performed particularly well in the People Pillar, scoring 94% and 96% respectively in the Farm and Facility Module and achieved an exceptional score of 100% in the Transport Pillar. The vision of the company is “To be a leading organisation in cane sugar and bio-energy businesses by integrating human resources, technology and management”


The Remediation process of the VIVE Programme allows participants to make improvements after the point of assessment. This process saw the Khonburi Mill implement essential changes to their processes in order to achieve the VIVE Claim Level. These changes included the introduction of renewable energy using solar panels and the implementation of a water analysis plan for 2021/2022.


VIVE is committed to working with organisations who are dedicated to driving sustainable development across their supply chain and assisting them on their continuous improvement journey. We look forward to further assisting Khonburi Sugar Mill as they continue to develop within the VIVE Programme.We are confident that KBS will create lasting value for the community and use technology to accelerate change for a more sustainable future. 


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