29 March 2021

The VIVE Programme welcomes Monin as a Buyer Supporting VIVE

The VIVE Programme welcomes Monin as a Buyer Supporting VIVE

The VIVE Programme is pleased to welcome Monin, a leading global brand of choice for beverage professionals and fans, as a Buyer Supporting VIVE. Monin works within the food and beverages industry supplying premium flavourings for cocktails, coffees, culinary applications and more, with 6 production facilities worldwide and over 150 flavours spread across 150 countries. Monin has recognised that preserving ecosystems and acting in a socially responsible manner is essential and, in response, have taken on initiatives globally to help contribute to a more sustainable society.  


Monin acknowledges that social responsibility concerns their entire ecosystem and has pledged their commitment to engage all their partners in their CSR approach and realise that they have a role to play in the development of sustainable agriculture through innovative experiments. 


Monin’s global strategy has outlined their ambitious commitments and projects they will be working towards in the upcoming years to help reduce their impact on the environment and protect the natural resource that they utilise. The global strategy includes committing to continue their efforts in reducing water consumption in their factories and implementing innovative solutions for water treatment and reuse. Furthermore, they commendably aim to switch to renewable energies for at least 20% of their global industrial needs in 2021. 


Monin’s participation in Buyers Supporting VIVE will enable them to promote sustainable practices across their supply chains, and can in turn create positive and sustainable impacts with their stakeholders. The VIVE programme directly focuses on the continuous improvement of participants and enables sustainability performance to be measured and improvement objectives to be set and monitored.


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