1 April 2021

VIVE 2.0 Energy Module Launch

VIVE 2.0 Energy Module Launch

We are pleased to announce that the VIVE Energy module has been created and 2020 saw our first participant complete the assessment.  


As the VIVE Sustainability Programme progressively expands into a multi commodity offering, VIVE has introduced the VIVE Energy module to aid the roll out of the programme into new and exciting commodities.  


The addition of the VIVE Energy module was to recognise participants producing sustainable energy from sustainably grown and sourced feed stocks. The acknowledgment of sustainable energy production will allow participants to demonstrate they are operating on renewable energy as well as selling the excess sustainable energy generated. VIVE Energy requires that participants take part in both the VIVE Farm and Facility module to ensure that the produce can be claimed as verified sustainable feedstock production, such as biomass or bagasse. While renewable energy is key to meeting global climate change targets, it is essential that the feedstock production is both environmentally and socially sustainable that can be verified by VIVE.  


The module was completed for the first time in 2020 by one of VIVE’s existing participants based in Brazil, which provided them with a mass balance of renewable and sustainable energy to sell in the domestic market. Leading the way in Brazil, our longest standing participant in the VIVE programme had a need to verify sustainable, renewable energy production. As we expand into energy we look forward to engaging with more participants, deploying the module into new regions in the future and other types of renewable energies, such as solar and wind power generation.  


In line with VIVE’s focus on acting as an umbrella programme to help reduce audit fatigue through the potential for VIVE assessments to meet the requirements of other standards or programmes, VIVE has been benchmarked internally against the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) Standard. The I-REC standard is the government standard in Brazil for renewable energy and is also recognised as a global standard that has been implemented by national governments in multiple jurisdictions as the chosen method of end-user procurement of renewables. The I-REC Standard is a well-established tool to effectively document greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and provides a robust attribute tracking standard for use around the world. We now look forward to completing other similar benchmarks for roll out the VIVE energy offering globally.   


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