6 April 2021

Santa Terezinha becomes the first participant to complete the VIVE Energy Module

Santa Terezinha becomes the first participant to complete the VIVE Energy Module

The VIVE Programme is pleased to announce that Santa Terezinha has achieved VIVE Claim Level across all its facilities participating in VIVE for the 4th year in a row. Achieving VIVE Claim Level after confirming their continuation into their second cycle of the programme is extremely exciting and encouraging for both Santa Terezinha and the VIVE Programme. 2020 also saw Santa Terezinha becoming the first participant to complete the VIVE Energy Module, which further demonstrated their commitment to the programme and provided them with a mass balance of renewable and sustainable energy to sell in the domestic market.  

With Santa Terezinha already having VIVE verified sugar mills and VIVE's aim to develop the generation of biomass from sugar mills, we decided to extend the verification to the energy produced through these plants that are already verified for sugar and to roll out the new energy module in Brazil. 


Santa Terezinha is one of the largest sugar producers in Brazil and have established themselves as a prevalent supplier of sustainable raw sugar globally. Their Tapejara, Terra Rica and Paranacity mills, alongside the supplying farms, have participated within the VIVE Programme since 2016. Santa Terezinha joined the VIVE Programme with an endeavour to continue their mission to act safely and profitably, producing cane, sugar, ethanol, energy and correlated products to meet national and international market demands, based on social and environmental responsibility to contribute to sustainable development of the company and the community.  


In their 2020 assessment, all three of Santa Terezinha’s participating mills once again reached the VIVE Claim Level and successfully fulfilled the requirements of the programme. The Tapejara, Terra Rica and Paranacity mills were all assessed against both the Farm and Facility module criteria, where they achieved a commendable average score of 88% and 92% respectively. With all 3 mills achieving exceptional scores of either 99% or 100% across the People pillar for both the Farm and Facility Modules.


With a well-defined focus on continuous improvement, Santa Terezinha have implemented changes across their participating mills through our remediation process to ensure they meet all core indicators of the VIVE Programme. The remediation process saw Santa Terezinha confirming the implementation of a Biodiversity Management Plan for March 2021, alongside further demonstrating their commitment to their Agrochemical Class I Reduction Plan.


Exhibiting exceptional dedication throughout the VIVE assessments and remediation process, Santa Terezinha have repeatedly proven their commitment to the VIVE Programme and hence we are delighted to be continuing to work alongside Santa Terezinha on their ever-successful sustainability journey. 

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