22 July 2021

Sayona Fruits become first to enrol in the VIVE Fruit Module

Sayona Fruits become first to enrol in the VIVE Fruit Module

Czarnikow’s and Intellync’s sustainability programme, VIVE, has launched its Fruit Module, with Sayona Fruits becoming the first fruit processor to enrol. Originally specific to sugar and now in its sixth year of operation, VIVE, is now a multi-commodity continuous improvement programme . This delivers many advantages: standardisation across a range of products, reduction in assessment burden  fatigue, cross-commodity reporting and a consolidated offering. 

Tanzania-based Sayona Fruits is part of The Motisun Group, a multi-brand conglomerate working in four key sectors including food and beverages. Its sustainable policy is ambitious, aiming to reduce food waste, improve water management and support supplying farms in improving their sustainable practices across a range of fruit products. Motisun’s geographical reach encompasses southern, central and eastern Africa, paving the way for others across the continent seeking to improve their sustainability. 

Third party assessments will be completed on Sayona’s supplying farms and their processing facilities. Sayona will be encouraged to implement improvement plans each year to continue to focus on sustainability across all operations. VIVE offers entry to organisations committed to improve their sustainable practices and has three levels of attainment as part of its continuous improvement model.

William Rook, Head Refined sugar and Ingredients  says;  "We would like to congratulate Sayona Fruits on their commitment to sustainability, and join the VIVE programme. VIVE continues to expand into a multi-commodity sustainability programme, increasing the volume of sustainable produce available globally. We very much look forward to our sustainability journey with Sayona."

The demand for verified sustainable product has never been higher. A recent survey by McKinsey  found that 66% of respondents, and 75% of millennial respondents, consider sustainability when making a purchase, reflecting a wider concern for the future of the planet. VIVE can help companies achieve sustainable milestones, giving them positive environmental impact, providing them some commercial advantage 

Supply chain services company Czarnikow and Intellync jointly own VIVE, bringing together 160 years of commodities experience and sophisticated data and verification capabilities. 

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