10 August 2021

Bolloré joins the VIVE Programme in commitment to sustainability in East Africa

Bolloré joins the VIVE Programme in commitment to sustainability in East Africa

Building on a 25-year relationship, Bolloré Transport & Logistics and supply chain services company Czarnikow are collaborating to support Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ sustainable development in East Africa. Through participation in The VIVE Programme, a continuous improvement sustainability programme run by Czarnikow and Intellync, Bolloré Transport & Logistics will receive a sustainability audit and three-year improvement plan through VIVE’s Chain of Custody Module. 


Bolloré Transport & Logistics operates in 109 countries across five continents. Its Kenya and Tanzania headquarters will be taking part in the programme, bringing focus to a key region of Bolloré and Czarnikow’s relationship. Driven by the conviction that sustainable consumption is not solely the responsibility of manufacturers, Bolloré Transport & Logistics commitment to sustainable logistics began in 2011. In 2018, Bolloré Logistics introduced their ‘Powering Sustainable Logistics Programme’ to address ESG related challenges in their operations. It is based on the ISO standard and recognised by non-financial rating companies, with work being done to integrate actions such as increased energy efficiency, employee support, low-carbon alternatives and training. Their involvement in VIVE will see this commitment evolve further. 


VIVE is designed to create fully sustainable supply chains, with every participant in a trade committing sustainable improvement. This goal was reached last year, with the world’s first end to end sustainable sugar trade, facilitated by VIVE. Logistics and warehousing form an essential part of any supply chain, thus empowering Bolloré Transport & Logistics to be part of fully sustainable trades in future. VIVE is a multi-commodity programme, recently expanding to include renewable energy and fruit, creating more opportunities for its participants. 


Czarnikow’s 160 years of experience in commodity trading and strong presence in the East African food and beverage market brings an understanding of key market information. Through past collaboration, warehouses have been constructed in the region to allow the just in time delivery of sugar and other food ingredients to a range of clients. Intellync bring their expertise in third party verification to the relationship, providing advanced data. 


Will Rook, Head of VIVE, says; “The VIVE Programme is committed to supporting its participants in reaching their sustainability goals through third party verification and bespoke improvement plans. We are proud to be supporting Bolloré Transport & Logistics via our Chain of Custody Module, developed to provide transparency on goods moving along the supply chain”. 


Jason Reynard, CEO of Bollore Transport & Logistics, East Africa Region, says; “As a company, Bolloré Transport & Logistics is dedicated to continuously improve our operations with a view to address the current and future concerns of our clients and stakeholders, as well as emergent global issues in our industry.  The VIVE program is therefore a suitable audit mechanism for our activities in East Africa, to check on our actions and create new benchmarks in our logistics offering to our key clients.” 

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