9 September 2021

Labinta reaches VIVE Claim Level for the third consecutive year

Labinta reaches VIVE Claim Level for the third consecutive year

Two of Indonesia’s leading sugar refineries, PT. Sugar Labinta and PT. Kebun Tebu Mas, have achieved VIVE Claim Level again in the third year of their participation in the VIVE Programme. This is an excellent achievement, meaning they have achieved VIVE Claim Level for each year that they have been part of VIVE.
Claim Level is one of the three available levels of attainment in the programme and is the accepted standard to supply many of our end buyers. It is awarded to those participants who satisfactorily demonstrate through their annual onsite assessment that they meet all core VIVE Claim Level indicators. 
PT. Sugar Labinta and PT. Kebun Tebu Mas were both assessed against the VIVE Programme’s Facility Module, where they performed extremely well scoring 94% and 95% respectively. They showed particular dedication to continuous improvement and achieved 100% for the Governance pillar of the assessment criteria. This demonstrates that Labinta is committed to sustainability through its management, strategy, and employee relations.
Both refineries are significant suppliers to top tier industrial consumers, with a strong reputation for high quality products, customer service and ethical standards. VIVE is committed to working with those organisations who are dedicated to sustainable development and so we look forward to supporting Labinta as they continue their sustainability journey with us in years to come.
It is extremely encouraging to see Labinta reach VIVE Claim Level for the three consecutive years and retaining a mass balance of VIVE sugar. If you would like to buy VIVE sugar then please contact either the VIVE team or Labinta directly. 

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