28 September 2021

CSR Shah Alam and CSR Padang Terap reach VIVE Claim Level again

CSR Shah Alam and CSR Padang Terap reach VIVE Claim Level again

Two of Central Sugars Refinery’s facilities have reached the VIVE Claim Level for the 3rd and 4th time, respectively, with no need for any remediate actions to be taken across both of their assessments this Summer. Central Sugars Refinery Shah Alam (CSRSB) was the first Asia-based participant to enter the VIVE Programme and has been a staunch supporter since its inception. 


Central Sugars Refinery continues to lead the way in Malaysia today as the only verified sustainable sugar company. Sustainability is of central importance to the company, demonstrated by its commitment to the VIVE25 Agreement, which sets the ambitious target of Central Sugars Refinery having 50% of its sugar supplied by VIVE participants by 2025.


Central Sugars Refinery Shah Alam is now in its fourth year of participation, entering its second improvement cycle and completing the full scope of the Facility Module. It performed exceptionally well, with an overall score of 94%. Central Sugars Refinery Padang Terap is now in its third year of participation, and this year completed a partial scope of the Facility Module. It also performed exceptionally well, with an overall score of 99%.


Both refineries scored an impressive 100% in the facility pillar, resulting in a 23% improvement for CSRSB and an 18% improvement for CSRPT. This improvement signifies the success of VIVE’s continual improvement approach, which considers assessments in isolation and comparison with past assessments. Sustainability is a journey, and we have been proud to support Central Sugars Refinery on their journey to date. As 2025 approaches, we look forward to helping them achieve their target of 50% verified sustainable sugar procurement. Central Sugars Refinery’s approach will improve the sustainability standards of many other companies’ supply chains and result in more sustainably sourced products reaching the end consumer.


Benjamin French, Senior Trader at Czarnikow says; "Multi-national and domestic industrial consumers of sugar in Malaysia have the opportunity to convert 100% of their sugar consumption to a fully transparent and sustainable supply chain. Industrial consumers need to act now to meet global targets for social and environmental sustainability, and the VIVE programme is a clear path to meeting and going beyond the international standards and benchmarks required. We encourage all industrial buyers in Malaysia to consider converting to a fully sustainable sugar supply model"


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