11 January 2022

SBT becomes the first Vietnamese participant in the VIVE Programme

SBT becomes the first Vietnamese participant in the VIVE Programme

Vietnam’s largest sugar producer Thanh Thanh Cong – Bien Hoa JSC (HOSE: SBT) has joined the VIVE sustainability Programme, run by supply chain solutions company Czarnikow (CZ) and Intellync, demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable future. SBT is a major supplier to the industrial sector in Vietnam, and their participation in the programme will significantly increase the available volume of sustainable sugar domesically. VIVE is a sustainability programme that focuses on continuous improvement and creating value throughout sugar and ingredient supply chains.


Two of SBT’s factories will be completing VIVE assessments, with TTCS Tay Ninh mill participating in the Farm and Facility Modules and TTC Bien Hoa participating in the Facility Module. This means the company will be promoting sustainable practices across two key stages of the sugar supply chain. SBT also produce renewable energy from their milling process, and will be participating in the VIVE Energy Module, enabling both their sugar and energy outputs to be sustainably verified.


SBT is currently the only Sugarcane company named in the VNSI20 Index Basket - Top 20 listed companies with the highest sustainable development scores in Vietnam’stock market.SBT is the first VIVE participant from Vietnam, joining a growing group of participants in the region,  which includes, Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), PT Sugar Labinta (Indonesia), Khonburi Sugar Ltd and Kaset Thai International Sugar Corp  (Thailand) .


Mrs. Dang Huynh Uc My, Vice Chairwoman of SBT says: “As a leading agricultural enterprise in Vietnam, we acknowledge a clear mesage from consumers: enviromental issues are as crucial as new products quality and safety. For that reason, over the years, we always saty firm on our journey towards sustainable growth with “green” business strategy as our core. Joining the VIVE Programme will be a great oppotunity for SBT to complete the sustainability in our business”.


Ben French, Senior Trader at CZ says: We are delighted to be welcoming SBT onto the programme, and we are very excited to be assisting such a prominent group with their sustainable development journey. Vietnam is a particularly restricted market for sugar imports, which makes it very difficult for industrial buyers with a commitment to sustainable sourcing to meet their ambitious targets. Therefore, if SBT can achieve VIVE Claim Level, there will be a fantastic opportunity for domestic buyers to convert to a sustainable source.

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