4 November 2022

CJ CheilJedang becomes a Buyer Supporting VIVE

CJ CheilJedang becomes a Buyer Supporting VIVE

The VIVE programme is pleased to announce the addition of CJ CheilJedang to Buyers Supporting VIVE (BSV). By joining, CJ CheilJedang commits to supporting the sustainable sourcing of sugar in their supply chains.


CJ CheilJedang is the leading food and beverage company in South Korea, and they have long been committed to strengthening the sustainability of global ingredient and packaging supply chains.


The VIVE programme is now able to help CJ CheilJedang by offering them access to more sustainable supply options.


CJ Cheiljedang is now part of a network of other companies that are committed to supporting the continuous improvement of the ingredient supply chains. The VIVE team is looking forward to working with CJ CheilJedang to encourage suppliers to participate in the programme and further the mission of creating sustainable supply chains.

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