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The assessment for sugar producers was designed to address the challenges in producing sustainable sugar, and influenced by CZ’s in-depth knowledge of the sugar market.

VIVE-verified sustainable sugar has been available on the world market for over five years and is gaining popularity with major buyers. Industrial buyers can be assured of traceability along the sugar supply chain, from production to shipping and chain of custody.
two pipes containing industrial ethanol, a clear liquid. Ethanol is bubbling


The energy module is available as an additional assessment for producers that can use their by-products for energy generation. In sugar production this is often in the form of bagasse, which is why sugar is an important energy crop. In fruit production empty fruit bunches or husks can generate bioenergy.

Assessment for this module is free for producers that run their facilities on renewable energy. Additionally, producers can sell their VIVE-verified energy as credits. Whichever route is chosen, VIVE can support participants to use their energy generation to their advantage.


The VIVE Fruit assessment was developed through a close relationship with producers and end buyers. A key ingredient for many food and beverage companies, fruit production can now be verified as sustainable with VIVE.

A priority for our Fruit module is to bring an enhanced level of transparency and traceability between the fruit growers and the aggregators supplying the processors. Increasing the ability to trace the produce back to farms will allow for directly implementing sustainability improvements.

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Join VIVE today

Hayley Humphreys
Programme Manager