Why choose VIVE?

It’s a continuous improvement programme that is tailored to you‭. ‬VIVE is not rigid‭ - with no obstructive minimum requirements.


A flexible online system allows VIVE to work on alternative raw material supply chains, beyond sugar cane and sugar beet. This enables our clients to have a standardised approach to sustainability across a range of raw materials.


By joining the programme you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and open the doors‭ ‬to commercial advantage by association and achievement‭. ‬

The advantages
Why choose VIVE?
VIVE adds value to your product

VIVE adds value to your product

Working closely with industrial buyers and retail clients, we understand their evolving needs and as such, can support producers and processors to become aligned with their requirements, offering long term contracts, supply chain green funding and other commercial advantages.


Our step wise approach accommodates different sustainability goals providing a flexible trajectory towards continuously improving participants’ sustainability at their preferred pace.

We are a Continuous Improvement Programme

As your journey evolves, programme modules can be added providing you with new sustainability targets to achieve, unlocking new benchmarks & commercial opportunities.

Clear‭ ‬reporting‭, ‬analysis and bespoke action plans, supported by independent third party assessments, to ensure you have the full picture and know what to aim for and how‭. ‬This clarity is attractive to third party investors‭.‬





Action plans

Action plans

VIVE enhances fairness and positive benefits

VIVE enhances fairness and positive benefits for suppliers‭, ‬workers and other stakeholders in the sugar supply chain across the globe. ‬While we specialise in sugar beet and sugar cane‭, ‬our programme can be applied to other commodities and/or ingredients to deliver the same benefits‭.

Smallholder Programme







Why create a Smallholder Programme‭?‬


VIVE recognises that gathering information at scale at smallholder level can be time consuming‭, ‬expensive and inaccurate‭.‬


Sugar mills conduct farmer out reach programmes‭, farm surveys and gather various levels of data unique to their own business needs however‭, ‬these differ by mill and rarely meet all end users information needs‭.‬ VIVE Smallholders Programme brings a common framework and meet end users requirements.


The language of sustainability and depth of information required to be evidenced at farm level can be both confusing and daunting for smallholders‭.‬ VIVE Smallholders Programme has been designed to facilitate understanding and empower Farmers to understand sustainability, and improve their performance.

What is the VIVE Smallholder Programme?


The ‘VIVE Smallholder Programme’ has been developed to enable smallholders to demonstrate compliance to The Coca-Cola Company SAGP requirements.


Our set of 30 targeted questions asked directly to smallholders farmers are created to raise their awareness of ‘best practice’.


Tailored for farms less than 15 hectares, it focuses upon engaging smallholders in the importance and value of recording accurate farm level data.


The VIVE Smallholder programme is designed to be the first step on a journey of continuous improvement enabling small holders to start recording and demonstrating their sustainable practices.

How does the Smallholder Programme work?


Cloud based smart technology, deployed by mill extension officers is used to make the collection of farm level data cost effective.


Remote in-field data capture via smartphones uploaded and stored into a secure cloud-based system.


Participating mills can use the VIVE Smallholder programme survey results to demonstrate:


   -  1-2-1 relationships with supplying smallholders

   -  Consistent accurate data capture

   -  Evidence of sustainable practices

   -  Basic level of compliance to The Coca-Cola Company SAGP

Smallholder Programme

Join VIVE today

Don’t just tick a box for sustainabililty‭. ‬Reap the benefits of being part of a continually improving‭, ‬sustainable supply chain‮…‬


Advantages of the VIVE Programme


Brand owners

We make our customer’s supply chains more efficient and sustainable‭. ‬


We build partnerships between farmers‭, ‬processors‭, ‬brand owners and stakeholders‭. ‬We do this by gathering accurate data to assess risks and opportunities‭ ‬to inform business decisions and insight to‭:‬


‭- ‬Establish baseline data on suppliers

‭- ‬Identify best practice and reduce risks‭‬

‭- ‬Help save costs and increase productivity

- Creating transparency and traceability.



It’s a flexible continuous improvement programme that is tailored to you‭. ‬‬


VIVE is not rigid‭, ‬it’s a no barriers continuous improvement programme based on commercial drivers‭. ‬


By joining the programme you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and open the doors‭ ‬to commercial advantage through your achievement.






Participating in VIVE is easy for farmers.


Your processor will record your farming practises using the VIVE Smallholder Programme and existing surveys to demonstrate your sustainable farming practices to their customers.


This in turn will support the processors in finding the best market value for the ingredients you produce.






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