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CJ CheilJedang becomes a Buyer Supporting VIVE

The VIVE programme is happy to announce the addition of CJ CheilJedang to its Buyers Supporting VIVE (BSV) programme. By joining, CJ CheilJedang commits to supporting the sustainable sourcing of packaging and sugar in its supply chains.

CJ CheilJedang is a leading food and beverage company that specialises in creating Korean dishes that balance the taste of Korean cuisine and local preferences. The company produces a variety of different foods including dumplings, frozen meals, and home meal replacements. It is also home to brands such as Spam, Happy Soy and Dasida. CJ CheilJedang have long been committed to strengthening the sustainability of global ingredient and packaging supply chains. The company believes that growth in the supply chain only occurs when all suppliers fulfil their responsibilities for their employees, society, and the environment and that this responsibility will enhance sustainability.

To promote sustainability in its ingredient and packaging supply chains, CJ CheilJedang have established a ‘Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing Policy’, which describes its approach to major raw materials including sugar and corn. This policy is applied throughout the company’s entire supply chain to help reinforce sustainability in the food industry. The company are also practicing sustainable sourcing through different projects, which each help to reduce negative environmental impacts such as deforestation. As the company has very diverse supply chains – such as packaging materials and ingredients – it is important to ensure that all raw materials and products involved are sustainably sourced.

To do this, they request that all companies involved in supplying those materials comply with their code of conduct and policies. This means companies wanting to supply CJ CheilJedang must demonstrate a care for ethics, human rights, and the environment to provide them with ingredients and raw materials. The Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing policy enhances traceability of sustainable raw material in the supply chain.  

By becoming a BSV member, CJ CheilJedang has shown that it is committed to supporting the expansion of the sustainable supply chain. It also now has access to a growing global network of sustainable supply options which also gives it complete transparency. The VIVE programme has a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and ensures participants are not only working to achieve their targets but exceeding them.

Ben French, Manager of the VIVE Programmes says “The VIVE team is excited to have CJ CheilJedang become BSV members. We are eager to begin to support them in working with VIVE verified sustainable producers and enhancing the sustainability of their supply chains.”

CJ Cheiljedang is now a part of a network of other companies that are committed to supporting the continuous improvement of the ingredient supply chains. The VIVE team is looking forward to working with CJ CheilJedang to encourage suppliers to participate in the programme and further the mission of creating sustainable supply chains.