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Friesland Campina joins Buyers Supporting VIVE

The VIVE Programme is delighted to welcome Friesland Campina, a global leader in the dairy industry which has become a Buyer Supporting VIVE. Since 2015, they have committed to 6 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and they have control over the sustainable practice of their farms, including green energy, biodiversity and animal welfare.

To support farmers who may not have the funds to work more sustainably, they have set up Foqus Planet sustainable development programme. They have also introduced initiatives to use biogas as a renewable energy source and eliminate the use of plastic straws in their products by next year.

As a major buyer of sugar tonnages in Thailand, Vietnam, The Phillipines, Indonesia and Malaysia, Friesland Campina’s entry into Buyers Supporting VIVE will not only help farmers who are part of their networks in The Netherlands, but those who work in the Far East to produce the sugar that goes into their products.

Their support will create demand from the refineries in these geographies, and enable them to access sustainable sugar through our participants, ensuring they can gain full transparency and traceability on their sugar in addition to their dairy.

We look forward to working together to encourage sustainable change at all stages of the supply chain.