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The VIVE Programme is Driving Sustainable Sugar, Energy and Ethanol in Thailand

The VIVE Programme is elated to welcome Thai Udonthani Sugar Mill Co., Ltd. (TSM) to join the programme, completing the VIVE Farm, Facility, and Energy Modules. TSM is a producer and miller of sugarcane in Thailand, supplying many products to both domestic and global markets. TSM will be participating with two sugar mills, located in Udon Thani and Kanchanaburi. This is an exciting time for the VIVE programme as we expand our offering to a broader range of VIVE mass balance products with TSM being assessed for Mass Balance of raw sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar, bagasse, molasses and ethanol.

The VIVE Programme completes sustainability verification across multiple commodities and their by-products, allowing a standardised approach to sustainability reporting, reducing assessment fatigue and cost for producers and industrial buyers. VIVE will work alongside TSM to help create a continuous improvement plan, to ensure traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain and support their production process to meet the requirements of international markets and industrial buyers, creating commercial benefits and long-term market access.

To deliver their sustainability goals, TSM has joined VIVE to gain insights into how they can improve their practices further through a continuous improvement approach.

Khun Parkinai Anumansirikul, Marketing Manager, says,” TSM group aims to grow sustainably in short- and long-term business with a sustainability framework. We believe that VIVE program will be one of the programs to drive our missions with good governance, transparency in sourcing raw materials to respond customer needs with social and environmental responsibility, continuous development in processes and establishment for organization into the global market.”

Sahajanee Thaisonthi, Decarbonization Specialist VIVE Thailand, adds,” It is an honour to welcome Thai Udonthani Sugar Mill Co., Ltd. onto the VIVE Programme. We will work closely with TSM as the assessment process progresses. We are dedicated to producing projects that promote continual improvement, generate revenue, and contribute to a more sustainable future. We look forward to going beyond sustainable sugar and also helping the Thai industry develop a sustainable supply option for Ethanol and Bagasse.”